Welcome to CMA Summer Music Camp! We’re excited to have you here. Below you will find a variety of sessions led by musicians and music teachers. We hope these lessons help you to have fun and keep playing music this summer. Make sure to share your version of these lessons with us by using the hashtag #CMASummerMusicCamp and tagging the CMA Foundation.



Country Music artists play a tremendous role in advancing the mission of the CMA Foundation. As we recognize the need for music in a child’s life during these uncertain times, we immediately enlisted the help of a few of our Foundation friends. Whether it’s leading a guitar lesson or giving songwriting tips, playing the harmonica or teaching the spoons, “CMA Summer Music Camp” is sure to bring to joy to all involved.


Music teachers are crucial to the development of our next generation and we are their biggest fans. We knew we needed to bring some of our amazing music teachers onto the “CMA Summer Music Camp” team to lead various sessions. Check out how these creative teachers make instruments out of simple household items, so that any child can have the opportunity to play music this summer.