Championing Our Champions

Over the last decade, the CMA Foundation has been committed to investing in quality music education throughout the country. As our work has progressed and we’ve learned more about the overwhelming challenges that face music education – and its educators, we felt motivated to go beyond simply supporting the education system but to also champion the incredible human beings who go well above and beyond their role and responsibilities in the classroom and who are vital to their students and communities.


In 2016, the CMA Foundation launched Music Teachers of Excellence to celebrate, honor, and invest in music education teachers who exemplify excellence.

Did you know?

94% of public school teachers in the U.S. spend their own money on classroom supplies.

The CMA Foundation proudly presents each MTOE Award recipient with a stipend of $5,000 to be split evenly between supporting classroom and personal needs.

To date, the CMA Foundation has honored 145 music teachers and given $400k to support their excellence.

2019 EVENT

Country superstar, Dierks Bentley hosted the fourth annual CMA Foundation Music Teachers of Excellence awards, where we celebrated and honored 30 music teachers throughout Tennessee and U.S., for their commitment to shaping the next generation through music. These change agents go above and beyond their role and responsibilities in the classroom and are vital to their students and communities.


Mark Hale
Mt. View Elementary School, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Being selected as a Music Teacher of Excellence is a great honor. This program has allowed me to purchase audio gear, mic cables, and more. But the best purchase was a class set of ukuleles and a class set of mini keyboards. Our students now have the unique opportunity to learn how to hold and play these instruments in large group settings of almost 50 students at one time!! These instruments have had a HUGE impact in growing their love for music. I am constantly seeing students come out of their “shell” when they play them. Students take such pride and ownership by sharing their musical minds with their classmates. They are finding and developing their creativity everyday. Great things are happening here and I say THANK YOU CMA!

Christina E. Tierney
Roselawn Condon Elementary School, Cincinnati Public Schools

Thank you so much for generous gifts to our school.  This has enabled our inner-city students to perform higher levels of music and grow their level of interest and depth of knowledge.  As a  Title I School, our students do not get enough opportunities to shine and feel proud of themselves and connect to our greater neighborhood and community.  In turn, you have helped Roselawn Condon’s school climate and culture.  Words alone are not enough, but thank you!