We love partnering with businesses of all sizes who stand with us as we take on the challenge of bringing music education to students everywhere. If you’re a business owner interested in partnering with us on a corporate scale, we’d love to have you.

Here's How

  1. Make a charitable gift of $5,000 & sponsor a teacher for one year. With 94% of public-school teachers in the U.S. spending their own money on classroom supplies, the $5,000 stipends given to each of our honorees have a significant impact on their personal and professional needs. Your tax-deductible donation will sponsor a grant that the teacher can split between improving their classroom and improving their lives. CLICK HERE TO DONATE
  2. Sponsor an event – become a corporate partner of our annual CMA Foundation Music Teachers of Excellence.
  3. Workplace engagement – visit one of our many partners impacting their local community through music.

For more information on corporate giving please contact
Megan Sykes, Director of Sales Development and Strategy


(615) 263-3632