The CMA Foundation began investing in music education in 2006 and was birthed from the passion of our artists and industry professionals who first fell in love with music within the four walls of a classroom. Thanks to their teachers who believed in them, they were able to go after their dreams.

For us, it’s not just about raising up the next generation of musicians, but leveraging the impact that music has on students.

Why Music Education

Music has been proven to be an integral part of brain development, human connection, and even stress relief.

For students, music is an effective and invaluable tool to help improve academic achievement and social development, increase student participation and classroom engagement, and enhance social and emotional development.

They are better equipped to learn, retain, and articulate what they’ve learned when they’re exposed to music education.

What we love most is how music helps students over the biggest hurdle: showing up to class. The CMA Foundation is proud to partner with the Country community to provide more and more students with the opportunity to participate in music education programs.

CMA Fest

CMA Fest, the Country Music Association’s annual four-day music festival in Nashville, Tennessee, has been partnering with the CMA Foundation since 2006. Thanks to more than 300 Country Music artists who donate their time and talent each year at CMA Fest to support our work, we have been able to invest more than $30 million into the enrichment of music education programs across the United States.