Grants Totaling Over $2.5 Million Have Been Awarded to Organizations in an Effort to Improve Music Education Across the Nation

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The CMA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Country Music Association (CMA) is thrilled to announce that 56 national and regional organizations have received grants totaling over $2.5 million. This investment is part of the Foundation’s ongoing dedication to improving music education throughout the United States.

Focusing on five areas of revitalization—youth development through music, in-school music education, professional development for teachers, capacity building, and research—the CMA Foundation continues their mission and work with selected grantees to ensure every child has access to a high-quality music education.

Since its inception in 2006, the CMA Foundation has been committed to improving and sustaining music education programs across the United States through a unique model of charitable giving. By collecting data and providing strategic plans for growth and development to each organization, the CMA Foundation is able to help create sequential programs that create positive impact within the field of music education.

“The CMA Foundation carefully evaluates potential grant recipients ensuring that each investment aligns with our core mission of improving and sustaining music education in our schools and communities” states Tiffany Kerns, Executive Director, CMA Foundation. “Being able to work hand-in-hand with each grantee allows us to support their needs beyond just investing funds. Providing data and creating strategies helps each organization thrive and provides children with an opportunity to succeed both in and out of the music program.”

In addition to these annual investments, the CMA Foundation actively supports schools across the country each year through educator recognition programs like the Music Teachers of Excellence Awards, opportunities for students to perform at select CMA events including Nashville’s CMA Fest, classroom visits from artists and songwriters, and investments in schools’ unique music programs.

In June 2019, more than 300 artists donated their time and performed for free at CMA Fest allowing a portion of net proceeds to help fund grants distributed by the CMA Foundation. Those funds have helped enrich programs throughout national public school systems, after school programs, summer camps and community outreach organizations.

A full list of the CMA Foundation’s 2020 grantees can be found here.