Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS)

Since 2006 the CMA Foundation has invested financial resources into our local public-school district to provide music education opportunities to all 87,000 students. We have outfitted the district with instruments, equipment, professional development and strategic planning through a needs assessment on the Music Makes Us program.


Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

The CMA Foundation has partnered with Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to provide instruments to school districts in need, including disaster relief. We also partner with their Music Education District Support Services (MEDSS). The goal of MEDSS is to enhance and sustain quality, sequential music education programs in their schools by providing an assessment on the state of music education in your district. When armed with this information, districts are able to best meet the needs of their students and immediately address gaps that may exist.


Education Through Music – New York City

ETM takes a comprehensive approach to delivering music education in New York City Public Schools, ensuring sustainability and long-term success is achieved. ETM recruits and hires full time, certified music teachers for schools that cannot afford to pay for a full-time position but have a desire to have a thriving program. The end goal is for the school to ultimately take on the position over time.


Notes For Notes

These free after-school studios are serving as a youth development program using the vehicle of music to impact children in 12 states. Notes for Notes has been able to reach students through non-traditional means, but meeting kids where they are. Since 2014, the CMA Foundation has invested in 13 recording studios located in local community centers across the United States.


State of the Arts

This collaborative effort from the Tennessee Department of Education and the CMA Foundation was established to provide the 1,000,000 students attending public school in TN with access to participate in high quality music education.  In the programs first year, we provide investments to 8 school districts that represent the 8 regions of Tennessee. Funding is being used to update equipment and instrument needs, provide professional development, provide cultural experiences for students, etc.  Through this partnership we will be able to share best practices and ultimately increase student enrollment in music education.


For more information on grants please contact
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