Unified Voices for Music Education

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Share with those in your community why music education is important to you. By taking the time to write a personal letter to elected officials, school administrators, principals, etc. demonstrates that the issue is important to you and may be effective in influencing change, sparking conversation and maintaining crucial contact during this time.

Don’t forget to share specific information about why music education is critical to a well-rounded education for all students. We support you and your commitment to students through music. Feel free to share our letter of support alongside yours.





  • Music has the power to support and heal students as they face uncertainty this school year, but they need music teachers to guide them. Let’s use our voices to fight for them. Share this video to spread the word, so we can support their needs through music. #UnifiedVoicesforME
  • As a music teacher, I believe in the power of music to heal, inspire, and support students. They need us to use our voices and fight for them. Share this video and spread the word about #UnifiedVoicesforME. Together, we will make a difference for our students through music.

Nonprofits & Advocates

  • It’s crucial that we support students this school year and music is key. Share this video to spread the word about the need to keep music in students’ lives. #UnifiedVoicesforME