LISTEN WITH ME curated by artist ambassador, Filmore

Want a peek into Filmore’s favorite songs and a list of his musical heroes? Check out the CMA Foundation’s new Listen With ME playlist, put together by Filmore himself! Follow the CMA Foundation to learn more about their Unified Voices Artist Ambassador program and how Filmore is helping to raise awareness of the importance of Music Education.



It takes a village – this could not be truer especially as you work on behalf of young people. We work to foster collaboration among everyone we interact with. We believe our network to be extensive but only effective if we are utilizing the expertise and knowledge of the community. As a facilitator and convener, we relish in finding solutions and discussing the critical issues facing our community.

Unified Voices for Music Education (UVFME) is a collective effort from music teachers throughout our country. The idea took shape after seeing the need and appetite for teachers to be informed while simultaneously having a desire to be creative, as they imagine the upcoming school year. Make no mistake, teachers are guiding, implementing, and executing this program. The CMA Foundation is simply hosting and providing the necessary resources to see it from start to finish.

We are thankful to also have the involvement and consultation of Dr. Derrick Fox, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as a key member of our team. His insights have been invaluable as we fleshed out a national plan for all music teachers.


“We Will”

As a national organization and the charitable arm of the Country Music Association, we use our expertise in entertainment to inform the public on the issues facing the music education sector. It is through data shared by our grantees, teachers, education partners, and national research that we can curate meaningful content that raises awareness around the value and importance of music education. Celebration and positivity are key to our advocacy efforts. We believe music education is valuable and essential to learning and that is why it should be supported. Join voices everywhere today by sharing this video with three or more people on your own social platforms using the hashtag #UnifiedVoicesforME.